Wednesday, 24 March 2010

75% complete

I have almost finished the mini book that I started at Shimelle's workshop at the S&C show. So thought that I would share some pictures with you. I wonder if Shimelle would want to see any of the books? I really enjoyed her class and hope that I am able to do more workshop's with amazing people.

My desk has been smothered with small butterfly punches that just seem to stick to everything. Even when I take off my socks, I find small butterflies on them!

Anyways hope you enjoy, I am grateful to any comments that any of you have.

love this one.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Minibook Marvel!

After being so excited about meeting Shimelle, the day had finally come. The minibook class at the Stitch & Craft show was AMAZING! i was quite nervous about what to expect but really shouldn't have been. Shimelle was a teaching pro and allowed us to use all of her amazing martha stewart punches! Which are fab by the way.
When the class had finished, i was literally shaking! it was my first ever class and it was held by THE Shimelle Laine, double wammy!
I have nearly finished the mini book which i have created to be all about the relationship between myself and Taye. (pics coming soon)
I cant wait to take more classes and meet all my fave scrappers!
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