Saturday, 31 March 2012

*Project Life wk 9-10*

I'm getting a little behind on blogging my PL pages so here are a couple of weeks, sorry they aren't very clear :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

*Life between Project Life*

I'm posting today with a couple of LO's that I have had time to do in between carrying on with Project Life!, which i still love, but am finding hard to find the time to create normal LO's because I'm worried i'll fall behind on PL! Are you finding that too?

End of Rant, Start of pretty things...
This LO was put together after a little trip to the park. I made a faux photobooth strip and kept the embellishments quite tame (i think)
Used some Sassafras and Making Memories letter stickers
These are a couple of old photos from last year but they are still so cute!
Used AC Thickers (natch) but these I'm not too keen on, i think its because they are so wide and hard to overlap!
Ill show you my PL weeks 8 and 9 soon...

Monday, 20 February 2012

*Project Life weeks 5,6 and 7*

Happy monday to everyone. I'm back with some more of my PL pages!

Here is Week 5, spent swimming, munching and lunchin!
Week 6- Baking and freezing with sub-zero temperatures brrrrr
Week 7- Half term- chillin, walking, spending time together doing fun things x
Didn't have enough space to type my diary notes so added a folded pocket which hides some of the journalling with a photo on the other side.
See you soon...

Friday, 10 February 2012

*Little Best Friends*

Afternoon ya'll, woop its Friday already which means the weekend can officially start soon-ish.
Made a very quick LO the other day and wanted to share it with you earlier but my BlogPress has been a bit poorly and won't publish anything :(
This must be the first page in zonks that I haven't used a sketch to help/inspire me! I'm feeling all free and creative. Yay!
Used some grey AC cardstock with some pink Thickers and some cute new washi tape from Paperchase that I just want to use on everything:)
Enjoy your weekends, i'll be back with some more of PL soon x

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

*Project Life weeks 3+4*

Hi ya'll, hope everyone's weeks have started out well!
I'm still completely loving playing along with Project Life, thank you Becky Higgins for your Amezzin way of documenting our daily lives. Here are weeks 3 and 4 x
*Week 3*
*Week 4*

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

*Project Life weeks 1+2*

Hi all! I know that lots of you are going to be doing Project Life this year and Im so excited to see how everyone interprets the project too I love following pages on Pinterest as well.
Anywho, this is my first few weeks of January finished and snapped! I can only try and be this speedy for the rest of the year :)
week 1...
week 2...

Thanks for stopping by x

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

*Almost Instant Art*

Last week, after looking at a canvas in my cupboard (which had been there for like ever) I felt a real need to paint it, and since I am currently obsessed with chevrons, I knew what to paint!I started by masking off some zigzags before painting with a base colour, which I chose grey.
Then after the paint had dried, I carefully peeled off the tape and covered over the grey with some more masking tape.
Then I painted the remaining white space, either in a block colour or a mixture (like I did)I mixed pink blue and white to create a more interesting effect. I removed the tape once dried et voila!! almost instant art!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


*YIKES! its been like a trillion days since I last blogged! (guess what I'm making as one of my new years resolutions?) But I am back with one almighty post which beware *has many many photos!*

I have really enjoyed this years JYC because I decided just to use my camera apps to take the pic's (except Christmas day) and then have had them printed off in one go, using post-its as reminders as what photo goes where. It has really worked well! In past years I have felt that I have to have a photo on every page but now I am content with my own journalling and hand made embellishments x

I used an AC 6x6 album in Lime, which I have yet to decorate. So I have tried to combine some of the pics to make it easier to see, hope you like...

*Title page, Day 1*
*Day 2, Day 3*
*Day 4*
*Day 5, includes a shaker page with glitter/confetti stitched with vellum*
*Day 6, Day 7*
*Day 8, with envelope page*
*Day 9, Day 10*
*Day 11, with a 4x6 candy striped paper bag*
*Day 12, Day 13*
*Day 14, with envelope page holding photos of some of the gifts I have made*
*Day 15, Day 16*
*Day 17, Day 18*
*Day 19, Day 20*
*Day 21, Day 22*
*Day 23, Day 24-Christmas Eve*
*****DAY 25- CHRISTMAS DAY with bag page holding photo's*****
*Day 26-Boxing Day, Day 27, Day 28*
*Day 29, Day 30, Day 31-NEW YEARS EVE*
*New Years Day- 01/01/2012*

Yay! you have made it to the end, now you can reward yourselves with some chocolate!
I am going to be *attempting* to do Project Life this year, along with lots of other lovelies, so will hopefully share weekly layouts with you as I go. I have a PL/Document 2012 board on Pinterest that you can follow too.

Thanks for reading xx
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