Wednesday, 11 January 2012


*YIKES! its been like a trillion days since I last blogged! (guess what I'm making as one of my new years resolutions?) But I am back with one almighty post which beware *has many many photos!*

I have really enjoyed this years JYC because I decided just to use my camera apps to take the pic's (except Christmas day) and then have had them printed off in one go, using post-its as reminders as what photo goes where. It has really worked well! In past years I have felt that I have to have a photo on every page but now I am content with my own journalling and hand made embellishments x

I used an AC 6x6 album in Lime, which I have yet to decorate. So I have tried to combine some of the pics to make it easier to see, hope you like...

*Title page, Day 1*
*Day 2, Day 3*
*Day 4*
*Day 5, includes a shaker page with glitter/confetti stitched with vellum*
*Day 6, Day 7*
*Day 8, with envelope page*
*Day 9, Day 10*
*Day 11, with a 4x6 candy striped paper bag*
*Day 12, Day 13*
*Day 14, with envelope page holding photos of some of the gifts I have made*
*Day 15, Day 16*
*Day 17, Day 18*
*Day 19, Day 20*
*Day 21, Day 22*
*Day 23, Day 24-Christmas Eve*
*****DAY 25- CHRISTMAS DAY with bag page holding photo's*****
*Day 26-Boxing Day, Day 27, Day 28*
*Day 29, Day 30, Day 31-NEW YEARS EVE*
*New Years Day- 01/01/2012*

Yay! you have made it to the end, now you can reward yourselves with some chocolate!
I am going to be *attempting* to do Project Life this year, along with lots of other lovelies, so will hopefully share weekly layouts with you as I go. I have a PL/Document 2012 board on Pinterest that you can follow too.

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I love it, it is just brlliant, will have to copy some of your pages next year !!Happy new year. ! X

  2. Your album looks fab! I like the way you have shared it too - I might just have to copy that! I still haven't got round to sharing mine :/


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