Monday, 29 November 2010

Journal Your Christmas 2009

So with only 2 more days until JYC starts I thought I would show you some of the pages from last years journal! I have only recently finished the cover. I know that some people do this first but for me it's usually the last thing I do! But this year I will try to do earlier.

I am so excited about this course! I have done it on my own for 2 years but this year I have properly signed up so I can receive the prompts and class tips and techniques and use the forum!

This is the front cover (obviously)

I love this photo of us, especially in Black and White!
memories of christmas 2008!
This year I PROMISE to finish the whole album! It will be lovingly put together and completely finished! Yep Yep Yep!

bring on December 1st!

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