Monday, 13 June 2011

*April 2011 Documented*

Yikes, how late am I with posting my April pages? can't believe that its actually June already, only 6 months till Christmas!

I pinched this page from a SOTW to use as my focus page for the month! It highlights our Easter egg hunt which my Grandma held in her garden. See more of the page here.
I have used the same sized page dividers as my March pages, so that I could use some more of my Hipstamatic prints.
This is the reverse side including pics from the Royal Wedding and trips to the park x sorry about the glare on these, they are really hard to photograph x
finally here is my collected page. I made a pocket from some 12x12 patterned paper to include more photos, journalling, and some cards that Taye made for me at Pre-School.
Thanks for to finish May's pages!


  1. great photos from your easter egg hunt. Your document 2011 is coming along nicely x

  2. Lovely pages :) (I am only just starting march's pages!!)x


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