Friday, 29 July 2011

*a little of Explore*

So, I'm a bit late sharing with you guys, but here is week one from Shimelle's online class *Explore* which I am really loving btw!
Week 1- Adventure! Prompt one was to take a self portrait and then write a little 'note to self' which I loved doing, I have kept mine a little private by writing it on a tag (inside the Kraft envelope)
These are some pics from the map/postcard prompts, although having said that, the picture of the postcard is missing! Oopps!

A list of my Perfect things! I wrote down things from 1-10 but wrote down number 9 twice so I just added a 10.5 to the end!
At the end of the week, we were challenged to make a 12x12 LO using all the thoughts/techniques that we had learnt throughout the week. I based mine on life's little adventures and made nine circle embellishments which was a project from the week.
I wasn't sure of the colours, but I love them now x
This page is my 'write on a photo' page which I think looks cute with the star and puffy sticker!
I'll post some more pages from this project soon x Jenna x


  1. Your playbook and your layout are both gorgeous :)
    Thanks for sharing them xx

  2. Jenna, are way ahead of me, Ive only looked at first prompt and not even took a photo, and ive been off all week so really no excuses.

  3. Your play book looks fab - and the muted colours on your LO are lovely!

  4. I came over from the forum just so I could Pin your layout - I love it! The colours are great, just perfect for a little boy page. I'm in Southampton too, in Chandlers Ford.

  5. I'm really enjoying your feed. I especially liked the 'note to self' and 'vintage map' ideas. If you're not already a member, the Deviantart community would appreciate your work.

    Pete :)


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