Thursday, 11 August 2011

*June 2011 Documented*

Another month has been and gone, which leaves me to update you with my June Document 11 pages! I think that I am getting a bit lazy when it comes to the focus page for the month as I have been 'recycling' pages from other projects such as SOTW! Is that cheating? Anyway here is my focus page which you can see in more detail in this post.

So that makes this my sunny collected page which i think is currently winning the 'most crammed pocket' award, but hey, I've only documented half of the year so far so other months could still claim that prize! lol
..This is one side of my divided pages, using the landscape ones for this month as that was what most of June's photos were!
This is the other side, with photo's about me PASSING my driving test (2nd time lucky) and from a shared birthday party that I organised! we had so much fun dressing up as different superhero's and film stars!!!!
Woop! 6 months documented, 6 more to go, see you soon to share August!

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