Monday, 6 December 2010

JYC 2010 Days 3 4 and 5!

So here are pages 3-5!
Day 3-Cards was the one I think I had the most trouble with, it took a lot of 'going back too' and still not convinced that I am fully happy with it, but I guess I can 'go back to it' anytime right?

I love these pages though, maybe I should have used the picture on the 'cards' page as the image was cut from an old Christmas card. Just reminded me of perfection!
But that was todays prompt anyway! Christmas Perfection, so I wrote about all the things that make Christmas perfect to me, such as those yummy Christmassy smells, listening to children singing 'jingle bells' and 'when Santa got stuck up the chimney'. Oh and the joy of giving out presents! oh and eating too much yummy foods etc...........

Day 5-Counting Down, Again there are bits of this page that I love and parts that don't quite look finished. I decided to write down the 25 things I love about Xmas, and wrote over a little Kraft envelope! It's sooooo cute x
I made a magnetic advent calendar this year, blogged here so included a little snap of it on the reverse of the envelope!

Check back soon to see the next few days from the class! (Which I am totally still loving btw!)

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