Wednesday, 29 December 2010

JYC 2010 Days 22-26

Here is Part 1 of a big catch up in my JYC, I haven't had too much time to journal with all the various activities that have been happening!
Day 22 - Last minute lists. I still had quite a bit to do including, baking cookies/brownies, wrapping them and handing them out to friends.
Day 23 - Stockings. I didn't really have a very good picture of our stockings as we only lay them out on Christmas eve, so I found this picture in a magazine, and added some die-cut stockings on top.
Day 24- Christmas eve! Only 1 more sleep. Christmas eve is always a busy day at my parents house because its also my Mum's birthday. This year we went for lunch at Frankie & Benny's which was great fun spending time together and eating yummy food! In the early evening my grandparents, Uncle and Auntie came over for birthday cake and to give their gifts. Me and my sis bought Mum a child's caterpillar cake. It was so cute!
Wow, it's amazing how quickly the day goes isn't it? We got up at about 8.30, to the sound of Christmas music playing downstairs. First we opened the stockings and then Taye just dived into unwrapping his most wanted toys! The whole cast of Toy Story 3 actually.

I inserted a paper Starbucks bag between the 2 Christmas day pages so that I could include tags and more photos inside the bag at a later date. No doubt this will be quite full soon enough!
Taye was very lucky to receive a bike, Buzz, Jessie AND Woody from Father Christmas! Thank you Santa! He also received lots more TS3 toys from family and friends, lucky thing!
We had an amazing dinner that Mum had cooked at about 2.30 but waited till about 5 to have my favourite Christmas pudding. I love it so much, but this year for some unknown reason, Mum only bought a small one so I was on rations!
Day 26- Boxing day. This is also my cousins birthday and he celebrated his 9th birthday this year at my Grandparents. We played on the Wii and had lots of fun, lots of food and lots of wine. In the evening we ended up playing our fav family games such as Tip-it, and Chase the Ace, which I won again! yay!


  1. A Happy New Year and all the best for you and yours in 2011 Jenna. It's been lovely enjoying all the happy faces in your JYC pages over Christmas - you've got me rethinking my album which stops on Christmas Eve!

  2. Happy new year Jenna, look forward to visiting your blog in 2011 :)


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