Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New 2011! JYC catch up, part 2

Well a very happy new year to you all! Have you made any resolutions yet? I have only a few this year, as that way there will be less to break!

Day 27- Sleeping in! I think I stayed in bed till about 10.30! and then have bacon sandwiches thanks to Mum. We had a family party to go to in the afternoon, where we played some games and had lovely food! On the way home we drove past a row of houses that, every year make a big effort with their Xmas lights. One house had 2 snow machines outside.
Day 28- Indulgences! These came to me so quickly, involving anything chocolate based! I also have a real weakness for Christmas pudding! For some unknown reason, Mum only bought a small one this year so I was unfortunately on Christmas pudding rations! Not very fair! We always have ours with brandy butter, custard or cream! Yum!!
Day 29- Catch up day. I decided to use these pages to journal about my fav gift I received this Christmas. A BRIGHT PINK sewing machine!, from John Lewis! Love it so much. Santa originally bought me a bright green one but decided to swap it for this one. Much more my colour you see!
Day 30 - Year in review. I had a lot of memories with this prompt, but also did some serious editing because I didn't want to use loads of photos, so just selected a few.


  1. Hiya Jenna,

    Wow you've done so well with your JYC. I decided to finish mine on Christmas Day in the end. The folder is just filled to bursting. I'm hoping to do a review of 2010 page to finish on the back inside cover then call it a day. It is such a great way to capture Christmas and I'll definitely do it again next year ;0)

    Happy New Year to you and your family

  2. P.S. I love that sewing machine. I asked for the pink one for my birthday but didnt get it. Think I might use my birthday money and buy it instead ;0) xx

  3. Great pages Jenna and I love your pink sewing machine too! It's fab! :)

  4. the sewing machine is great isn't it!!! I got the red one for Christmas :)


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