Thursday, 24 February 2011

A little reminder...

I have just finished making this adorable little reminder keepsake that the amazing Kirsty Wiseman made a tutorial for, you can it find here and here. It's super lush, and very easy to make. The pockets are those lovely little After Eight mint wrappers, and inside are 12 cards for you to write down key dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc..
Not sure if I should keep it myself or give it to someone?
Also been trying to think of some other fun ways for using this 'fan' technique. So far I haven't come up with any genius ideas, so please let me know if you have any thoughts...
In other news: I PASSED my driving theory test. I have had about 50+ hours of driving lessons and was super nervous about my theory test, but now that I have passed it, I am now super douper nervous about the actual test! ARGH


  1. I like the fan, especially like the idea that you have to eat the mints first !! Well on your test !!

  2. I meant Well done, silly computer !!


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